Sable Koda von Jagerstadt

Sable Koda von Jagerstadt CGC, CD, TC, HIC, JHD, HRDI, OFA prelim at 22 months Good: Sable excels in her ability to “think” out problems, she is quick to learn and adjusts easily to new situations. She has more prey drive then defense, and will work for the mere pleasure of her ball or the simple words “yes, good”. Sable has shown that her natural herding ability is her strongest drive. She will be shown throughout the year in different herding events. Sable has produced a number of strong working offspring, three are S/R certified, one FEMA, one arson detection, one who is doing agility and tracking, one son who already has his HT and PT (at nine months) and one male who is currently part of a guide dog program. Sable has been able to stamp her prodigy with her biddability and her nose.

Quest von Jagerstadt is from Sable and Jake, is multi-talented, and like his mom has a deep desire to please and to herd sheep. He has obtained his Herding Started title and is working on his intermediate titles in herding with the first two legs obtained in sheep April 2008. Look for Quest as he continues to obtain additional herding titles.

A Look at Other Sable Offspring

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