Chivas von Jagerstadt, grandson of Sable, is currently working on his Schutzhund titles as well as being trained for search and rescue. His temperament is stable enough that he can be with a little child and then go on the field and work


He has become more of a “male” dog now that he has a litter of pups. He still does very well with herding once we have run out some of his energy. He loves to retrieve now, it just took him longer to figure out this was a cool game, and he likes to go in the lake to swim and chase his ball. Here is a recent photo (he is out of coat)


from Jake and Sable, DJ has shown talent in many areas. His current titles are HSAs,d STDc,d OTDs CD NA NAJ RN, and he is continuing to work towards advanced titles. He has a wonderful disposition and is a clown who loves to play but becomes serious when he is working his livestock.


Jake von Jagerstadt

An ever vigilant companion, trusted family member, and natural born swimmer!



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